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The Centre

The primary goal of the company is to provide rehabilitation services, especially to patients with neurological and rheumatic chronic diseases.

Clínica Vintersol has carried out the same activity since 1965. During the first 15 years, the company was managed by the Vintersol Foundation and later by the Humlegården Foundation, before the creation of Humlegarden Ltd in 1994.

During the last years, Vintersol has developed a policlinic rehabilitation activity, being able to add pathologies in less chronic phases. This ambulatory care clinic has been conceived with the intention to provide services and rehabilitation to people who live in the area or that usually spend their holidays here.

During the last decade, we have experienced a marked increase in the policlinic activity.


The history of Vintersol goes back to the 50’s, when the Swedish Mr Bengt Rylander, with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Mr Olle Ryding, suffering from rheumatic arthritis, arrived at Tenerife to try to improve their health.

These pioneers found in Tenerife the best climate for their diagnoses. They were settled in what then was a small town of fishermen called Los Cristianos. At the beginning there were many problems, since neither Tenerife nor Spain were prepared for the physical rehabilitation. In addition, the inhabitants of Los Cristianos were not at all familiarized with the problems, that physically handicapped people could have.

These first pioneers did not give up and continued to struggle until they found the way, so that both the Swedish and Spanish authorities helped them in their project to open a rehabilitatin centre.

During this long and tough process they received much help from Mr Peder Larsen, without whose voluntary efforts Vintersol had perhaps never existed.

In 1965, after 3 years of construction, Vintersol was inaugurated. The ceremony was presided over by the Swedish ambassador and representants of the Spanish government. The official name of the Centre in 1965 was “Centro de Rehabilitación Ramón y Cajal” (Ramón y Cajal Rehabilitation Centre).

From 1965 to 1980 Vintersol was managed by the owner foundation, and during that time the services were mainly aimed to patients with neurological diagnoses. Vintersol had then room to house 60 patients.

Between 1980 and 1990 Vintersol was directed by the Suvab Society, joint property of the Provincial Administration of Public Services and the Foundation for Rheuma, Psoriasis and Neurological Diseases. It was during this period that Vintersol began to offer rehabilitation to patients with rheumatic diseases. It was also during this period that plans were carried out to construct a new building allowing 30 more patients to be housed. The new facilities were inaugurated in 1991 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Mr Sten Andersson.

From 1991 Vintersol turned to be managed by Humlegarden Ltd., a Spanish society that counts with more than 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation sector.

It was also during the 90’s when Vintersol opened its doors to patients from other European nationalities. Today Vintersol works directly with patients from all the European countries.

In 1997 Vintersol began a period of constant renovation to be able to face the new times (both technologies and renovated skills).

In 2001 the most recent facilities were inaugurated: the premises for the policlinic activity and a gymnasium with the last advances, in addition to the premises for administration and reception.


Vintersol's facilities are located in Los Cristianos, in the very south of Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain. The centre covers a plot of land of 12,000 square meters and has a built infrastructure of more than 5,500 square meters. Vintersol can house up to 101 patients. In addition,  we have created facilities for policlinic rehabilitation services with a daily capacity of 60 outpatients.

During the last four years we have concentrated our efforts in modernizing the most technical part of our facilities. At the same time, we have not neglected other aspects of the service and we have been continuously modernizing different details and facilities, like i.e. the media room and the library, both totally renovated.

Also, year 2008 ended with putting into operation the new solar power plants; these facilities were financed jointly between InmoVintersol Ltd and Humlegarden Ltd, in addition to a subvention that we received from the Spanish government.

During the summer 2014, we carried out the renovation of both of our therapeutic swimming pools, extending their useful surface and equipping them with a new ceramic finish.


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