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The rehabilitation of patients with neurological  diseases or  injuries, as well as of rheumatologic diseases, has as purpose to make these persons (and their families) realize all the possibilities they have to live a more normal life, taking into account their different limitations and goals. 

The goal is to create welfare for the affected person, giving him/her independence and ability to stay active within both the family and working life as well as during the leisure time.


Neurological Patients

Neurological rehabilitation, diseases and injuries

Since the mid 60’s Vintersol has worked and aimed for the qualified rehabilitation of people with neurological diseases and injuries.

Our experience is based on many years of rehabilitation service. Rehabilitation is an individual process. Different pathologies and patients obviously require different therapeutic approaches and rehabilitation periods. Our programs are based on limited time periods, which make them perfect for stimulating and effective results.

A rehabilitation period usually lasts three or four weeks. The rehabilitation program involves exercises using different instruments, individual physiotherapy and varied group activities: long cushion, standing, seated and in swimming pool (with different difficulty levels). If needed, we include occupational therapy, individually and in group, as well as support from a health educator.

Depending on the pathology of the patient, other professionals may be involved in  the rebabilitation (Neurologists, neurophysiologists or psychologists).

As family's support is an essential part of the rehabilitation process, we also help by giving the family members tools and information, so that they can collaborate in the best ways during the rehabilitation program at Vintersol and when returned home. The social aspect plays an important role, for example during the group activities and the leisure time. That is why all of our group activities, both training and leisure, encourage the social exchange between our guests.

Rheumatologic Patients

Rheumatologic rehabilitation in a favourable climate

Vintersol has worked and developed rehabilitation for people with rheumatologic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, youthful arthritis, pelvic spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis) for more than 20 years. In physiotherapy and occupational therapy we use measurement instruments to describe the functions of the patient, to plan the rehabilitation program and to evaluate the results of the training. 

The rehabilitation program includes individual physiotherapy, individual occupational therapy and different group exercises like training on training mats, standing and seated, gymnastics in the swimming pool and gymnastics in groups to improve the functions of hands and feet. An important part of the rehabilitation process is the exchange of ideas with other people in the same situation.

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