Welcome to Vintersol

Vintersol is a specialised clinic for rehabilitation of neurological and rheumatic diseases.

Vintersol is located in the south of Tenerife, a stone throw away from a beach accessible for people with reduced mobility and close to Los Cristianos town centre.

Our wealth of experience, holistic approach to rehabilitation and the climate here in the Canary Islands provide the perfect conditions to improve your quality of life.

On the following pages we invite you to discover more about the clinic, our team, and how we can work with you to help improve your wellbeing here in Vintersol.

The Clinic

At Vintersol we are thriving on over 55 years of experience in rehabilitation. The clinic was opened in 1965 by a Swedish foundation here in Tenerife. It was thought that the warm climate would proof beneficial for the treatment of neurological diseases. Since the early 90’s we are also specialised in the rehabilitation of rheumatology patients.

In addition to our inpatient rehabilitation programmes, we offer an outpatient clinic which provides patients with less chronic conditions the possibility to take advantage of our rehabilitation services and treatments while staying in their own accommodation. Our Policlinic addresses people who live locally or are on holidays in Tenerife. We also treat sport injuries and other temporarily disorders that require physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Although in its early days Vintersol was aimed at Swedish patients nowadays we receive patients from all over Europe. Most of our medical staff is bi-lingual, many tri-lingual, therefore we are able to offer our services and treatments in several languages.

Vintersol’s facilities spread over an area of 12,000 m2, It is located right in front of “Playa Las Vistas”, a barrier free beach in Los Cristianos. All the facilities, rooms and communal areas are accessible to people with reduced mobility and adapted for the use of wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aids. The clinic has two heated swimming pools, both equipped with lifts.

Our Team

In Vintersol we all work closely together to ensure you have an efficient and pleasant rehabilitation. Here is part of our team:

Pablo González


Prof. Dr. Enrique Enríquez

Head Doctor

Dr. Fernando Barajas


Katri Kelhälä

Lead Therapist

Isaak González

Rehabilitation Planning

Sofia Lindskog

Booking Planning

Anita Holter


Emil Öberg

Head Chef

Conny Larsson

Entertaiment Planning




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