Rehabilitation Packages

In Vintersol we have more than 50 years of experience in functional rehabilitation, our methods have proven to be efficient and we are proud of our work helping patients improve their wellbeing.

Together with our medical team we have developed a range of rehabilitation programmes suitable for different clinical pictures and requirements. Our programmes are built on a holistic approach, addressing different aspects of the individual’s clinical picture ensuring the best possible rehabilitation outcome.

Our programmes include both individual and group treatments and are designed with different intensities keeping in mind the patients abilities and need for care.

 Below you will see an example of what is included in one of our medium intense rehabilitation programmes.

Programmes and Pricing

Rehabilitation Programme B (medium intensity – weekly package)

  • 5 sessions:

    individual physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy

  • 15 sessions:

    group physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy

  • 2 sessions :

    training with an assistant physiotherapists

  • Nursing care and one optional weekly medical consultation

  • Support and assistance from our carers (max. 14 hours*)

The combination of treatments is subject to change according to the results of the medical check-up on your first day in the clinic. 

Our prices for one week of rehabilitation programme starts at 1001 € during non-peak season including full-board and accommodation in a shared double room.

For more information on our programmes and pricing please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ button below. Please provide us with as much information as possible so we are able to recommend the most suitable programme.

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