Afrodance and MediYoga

Afrodance and MediYoga
We are offering new classes to complement our regular group therapies!
Our physiotherapists in Vintersol are passionate about healthy livestyles and excerise. In addition to their physiotherapy diplomas most of our therapists have also other professional qualifications. This year we have two physiotherapists who are also experts in Afrodance and MediYoga. 
For those who do not know Afrodance, it is a fast-paced dance that originates in Africa. It´s vibrant, fun and gets your heartbeat up.
MediYoga is a therapeutic form of traditional Yoga. It is a type of Yoga that accepts and adapts to all levels and abilities. In general terms, it is based on a mixture of moderate physical exercises and soft breathing techniques, as well as meditation.
Both therapies are very successful and we are very happy that they have become popular with our patients. Thanks to our physios!
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