New Psoriasis Sunroof

New Psoriasis Sunroof

We have been working very hard over the last 4 month to construct a new private sun roof-terrace for Psoriasis patients. Now the work has been completed and the sun terrace will be available to our Psoriasis patients from February 2018.

Light Therapy and especially sun exposure is a well known and effective treatment for Psoriasis. By exposing affected skin to sunlight, the growth of the skin cells is slowed down which can result in improved skin appearance.

Our sun terrace has been constructed in a way that provides maximum privacy for patients to feel relaxed while treating their affected skin with sunlight. The proximity of our clinic to the sea provides an additional bonus: lovely views and the option to take a swim in the sea which can further relief the effects of Psoriasis.

It is very important for the sun exposure to happen gradually and to remember to apply adequate sun screen to the areas of skin which are not affected by Psoriasis to avoid sunburn.

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